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Cybersecurity is a critical part of your business. Your customers want to know their information is valued and being protected.  Get started now!

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Designed for small businesses

Financial Planners

Independent Advisors


Family Offices

Insurance Agents

Law Firms

Start Ups

Towing and Recovery

and many more...

Cover your basics in cybersecurity

We are teaching you the basic arithmetic of cybersecurity via our prioritized approach.  This will allow you to grow over time and move to a more robust cybersecurity frameworks if needed as all our controls are aligned to the five basic functions of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover).

Online security measurement tool

Take the guessing out of cybersecurity and achieve basic cybersecurity hygiene.

  • Continuously track your cyber risks over time

  • Do it yourself via our guided wizard self-service option

  • Have your assessment done by a cyber expert via our full-service option

Cybersecurity Assessments

Prove you are taking reasonable measures to protect your business from a potential cyber-attack.

  • Consists of physical, technical, and administrative controls

  • Evidence your progress over time via our reports

  • Find out how you compare amongst your peers

Affiliation Oversight

Have greater visibility into all your member firms or other affiliations with centralized oversight by cyber experts.

  • Have insight into your members cybersecurity posture

  • Uncover the top cyber risks to your members

  • Accelerate audit cycles from years to days

Available for:

General Broker Agencies (BGAs)
Private Equity
Broker Dealers (BDs)
Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)
Cyber Insurance
State Agencies

Easy chat feature with professionals

Our professionals have years of cybersecurity experience and are ready to help you.

  • Get answers to your questions quickly

  • Stay on track with remediation guidance

  • Easily purchase more hours when needed

Prioritized Your Approach

Our prioritized approach takes the guessing out of where to start.  We have identified 77 controls and spread them out over 7 phases to help you easily manage your Cybersecurity program.  Implementation times generally take between 17 and 35 weeks if you are starting from scratch.

Phase 1

1-2 Weeks

Phase 2

2-5 Weeks

Phase 3

3-6 Weeks

Phase 4

2-4 Weeks

Phase 5

3-6 Weeks

Phase 6

3-6 Weeks

Phase 7

3-6 Weeks

Get more value from our tools

Get access to enterprise grade cybersecurity solutions with no minimum commitment levels on licenses.  We have a wide range of proven solutions available for purchase within the platform.


Unified Security and Endpoint Management

Blackberry Cylance

AI-based Antivirus and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Solution Granted

Security Operations Center (24x7)

PNG Cyber

Incident Response


Behavioral Email Security


Penetration Testing

Learn more


Data Privacy Risk

Security Metrics

External Vulnerability Scanning


Remediation and Technical Assistance

Cisco Meraki

Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, etc.

IBDC Consulting

Cyber Insurance


Automated Security Monitoring

“We really enjoy working with H2Cyber, they have been doing a great job for us, and their knowledge of the industry is strong.”

John Chuff

President - BA Securities

“Not only were they thorough, but they also took the time to teach us additional cybersecurity best practices.”

Andy Brinkman

CEO - Stableford Capital

“They had excellent communication with prompt responses.  It gave us peace of mind that we are doing things right to best protect the sensitive data of our clients.”

Alicia Fuschak

COO - Avid Wealth Partners

Our solutions

Our solutions are specifically designed for small business with some level of regulatory (FINRA, NYDFS, NAIC, etc.) oversight.  Even if you are not regulated our controls are still something you should consider doing, it is the equivalent of the sign “Employees must wash hands before returning to work” in restaurant bathrooms.  As a customer you should also be doing this for good hygiene.

Small businesses

H2Cyber is perfect for small businesses in these industries, but not limited to:

  • Financial Planners

  • Independent Advisors

  • Insurance Agents


Simplify your cybersecurity and compliance efforts.

Tech and Cyber Experts

Manage and oversee your existing customers with ease in one centralized place.


  • Broker-Dealers

  • Registered Investment Advisors

  • Insurance

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